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More about Five Forks School

Five Forks School has been educating students for over 125 years.
It has a long and proud history and has seen many generations pass through it's doors. It has always been passionate about it's students, and their families, and encourages a positive, supportive and productive learning environment.

We have warm and welcoming class rooms, passionate teachers, and an incredible outdoor area, including a great field for playing sports, a playground that keeps all students busy in their lunchtimes, and we are extremely lucky to have our very own indoor swimming pool to cool off in in summer. ​
We are equipped with lots of fantastic resources to assist in our students learning.
And we have a couple of bus runs to get our students to school.

We are very fortunate to be part of a close knit rural school community, so while we are rural we are never alone.
We do a number of activity days with the other local rural schools, including gymnastics, technology, and athletics, as well as leadership days for our Year 8's so they can all prepare for the transition to high school together in an encouraging and supportive environment.

We are proud to host each year the wider rural schools cross country, with schools coming from as far as Glenavy and Palmerston to race on our famous Balruddery Cross Country Track.

Highlights in our calender that our students love getting involved include the Rural Schools Speech Competitions, having a pet day, our annual ski trip to Roundhill Ski Field, and performing in our end of year production.

We keep fundraising simple and have one large fundraiser a year for the whole school - The Five Forks Foothills Trail Ride. It is a real school family and community event behind the scenes, and we have people travel from all over the South Island to attend, as well as it being supported by many locals.
For more information about our trail ride go to

Our senior room students also do tailing each year for a local farm to fund raise 
for the senior camp.

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